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Why Outsource your Payroll & Pension to Kent Payroll Bureau?

*Qualified *Experienced *Utilisation of the latest Sage Payroll Software, compliant with HMRC *Transparent Pricing Payroll & Pension is becoming a complex operation for SME’s with so much to do, but not enough staff to do it!  It doesn’t make sense to recruit qualified staff and purchase compliant software, when we do it so cost-efficiently and effectively. Give us a call today on 0333 320 7032 (local rate) to discuss your payroll outsourcing needs.


What is Auto Enrolment?

Every employer in the UK must put certain staff into a pension scheme, and contribute towards it. The ‘Staging Date’ is the date the law comes into effect for you. The Pension Regulator will send you a letter telling you when this is, but you can also check it here You are only exempt if you are a director of a business with no other staff, or your business has a number of directors, none of whom has an employment contract; but you must still complete a Declaration of Compliance within 5 months of your staging date to prevent being…


Confused about the Employment Allowance?

From 6th April 2016 Limited Companies will not be eligible to claim the Employment Allowance if they only have one employee who is a Director, or if the only employee earning above the ST (Secondary Threshold for Class 1 Ni) is a Director. If the company has employees above the ST at the beginning of the year, but a sole Director becomes the only person above the ST part-way through the year, the Company is still eligible for the Employment Allowance for the whole year. If the Company circumstances change part-way through the year, so more than one employee or…


HMRC Employer Bulletin

Published 6 times a year, giving the latest information on topics and issues that may affect your payroll.  If you process your own payroll subscribe at payerti/forms-updates/employer-bulletin/index.htm Obviously if we process your payroll you don’t need to worry about reading these bulletins, as we receive them, read them and action them automatically.


Income Tax Rates & Allowances and NIC's Rate for 2016/17 from today

Income Tax Rates; 20% Basic Rate: £0 – £32,000 40% Higher Rate: £32,001 – £150,000 45% Additional Rate: £150,000+ Income Tax Allowances Personal Allowance £11,000, Income Limit for Personal Allowance £100,000, Income Limit for Married couples Allowance £27,700, Marriage Allowance £1,100Max Married couples Allowance £8,355, Minimum Married Couples Allowance £3,220, Blind Persons Allowance £2,290, dividend Allowance £5,000, Personal Savings Allowance for basic raters £1,000 and higher raters £500 National Insurance Rates Class 1: Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) £112, Primary Earnings Threshold (PET) £155, Secondary Earnings Threshold (SET) £156, Upper Secondary Threshold (apprenctices under 25) (AUST) £827, Upper Earnings Limit (UEL)…


Employee Vehicles: Mileage Rates for Business Travel for 2015-16

The rates per business miles stay the same as last year; Car: 45p for the first 10,000 business miles in a tax year, then 25p for each subsequent mile, for Tax purposes.  45p for all business miles for NIC’s. Motorcycle: 24p for all business miles, for both Tax and NIC’s Cycle: 20p for all business miles, for both Tax and NIC’s You can pay your employees an ‘approved amount’ of Mileage Allowance Payments (MAPs) each year without having to report them to HMRC. To work out the ‘approved amount’, multiply your employee’s business travel miles for the year by the…


The National Living Wage

There is only one month to go until the Government’s new National Living Wage becomes law. Take these four steps to be ready for the change: Check you know who is eligible in your organisation. Find out on GOV. UK’s employment status page. Take the appropriate payroll action. Find useful guidance in HMRC’s tutorials. Let your staff know about their new pay rate. Check your staff under 25 are earning at least the right rate of National Minimum Wage. You can find out everything you need to know about the new National Living Wage, including the new rates of pay,…


So you think you're a payroll expert – how many acronyms do you know?

ACAS – Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service AE – Auto Enrolment AML – Additional Maternity Leave ASP – Additional State Pension ASPP – Additional Statutory Paternity Pay AWE – Average Weekly Earnings BIK – Benefit in Kind CASC – Community Amateur Sports Club CDC – Collective Defined Contibution [Pension Scheme] CIPP – Chartered Instituteof Payroll Professionals DPA – Data Protection ~Act DA – Defined Ambition [Pension Scheme] DB – Defined Benefiy [Pension Scheme] DC – Defined Controbition [Pension Scheme] DEA – Direct Earnings Attachement DWP – Department for Work & Pensions EA – Employment Allowance EPS – Employer Payment Summary…

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