Outsourced Payroll & Pension Services for SME’s in Kent with 1-25 Employees

Why Outsource your Payroll & Pension?

  • Allows you to focus on your core business – you’ll earn more doing what you do well, than you’ll pay us to process your payroll and pension!
  • You don’t have to keep upto date with constantly changing Payroll/ RTI/ Pension & Auto Enrolment Regulations, avoiding the risk of penalties.
  • You don’t have to employ or train payroll staff, find holiday cover for them, or worry about them leaving with the knowledge of your payroll and pension processes.
  • You avoid software headaches, worrying if you have the latest software, backing it up, and paying for software support.
  • Releases you from the administration and record-keeping burden required by HMRC and The Pension Regulator.

Tel for more info on 0333 320 7032

How Does the Service Work?

  • Email or telephone us with your staff hours, we will email you their payslips to print, and/or email them directly to your staff.
  • We will email you a P32 Schedule telling you how much Tax, Ni, etc you must pay HMRC.
  • We will submit the necessary data to HMRC to keep you compliant.
  • We will email you a Pension Schedule so you know how much to pay, and upload it to your Pension Provider.
  • We will email reports to you, or your bookkeeper, so your accounting records are kept upto date.
  • We will send a P45 for any leavers, and a P60 for all staff at the end of the year.

Tel for more info on 0333 320 7032


Call Kent Payroll Bureau on 0333 320 7032

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