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Why does the UK Tax Year start on 6th April?

New Years Day and the start of the Tax Year used to be on the 25th March.  But in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII ordered a change from the Julian 11-Month Calendar (named after Julius Caesar), to the Gregorian 12-Month Calendar (named after Pope Gregory), to align with the Solar Calendar (time taken for the earth to travel around the sun). Except the UK decided to ignore the Pope’s decree for some 170 years.  When they finally realised they would have to do it, they had to drop 11 days from the calendar.  So Sept 2nd 1972 was immediately followed by…


Paying Good Wages

Successful entrepreneurs don’t pay good wages because they have a lot of money, they have a lot of money because they pay good wages. A business is only as good as the people who work in it, so people who feel they are getting a good deal are much more likely to do a good job.


HMRC Employer Bulletin

Published 6 times a year.  If you process your own payroll subscribe at payerti/forms-updates/employer-bulletin/index.htm Obviously if we process your payroll you don’t need to worry about  reading these bulletins, as we receive them, read them and action them automatically.

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