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How to check a job applicants right to work documents

Just because an individual is in the UK do not assume they have a right to work here, you will be in breach of the legislation if you employ someone who is subject to immigration control and has no entitlement to work in the UK. The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has issued a list of documents which are acceptable as evidence of eligibility to work in the UK.  See UKBA guidance here; Fines for employing an illegal worker can be as much as £10,000


What do you want to be when you grow up – Professions Week, 20th – 24th October

Professions Week was launched in 2013 to focus on helping increase interest in young people (14-19) in becoming a professional, and increase awareness of the routes and resources available to becoming a professional. ‘Professions’ are a vocation founded on specialised high-level educational training, which provide responsible and professionally independent services in the interest of the client and the public (such as bookkeeping, payroll, accountancy, human resources, legal services).  CIPD research shows being a member of a professional body increases careers prospect Professions Week was launched because Careers Guidance in schools was not working well enough. Ofsted reported in September 2013…


Automatic RTI Late Filing Penalties from today

In addition to Late Payment Penalties, HMRC will be applying automatic Late Filing Penalties from 6th October 2014, so if you are not already filing your RTI reports on time, now is the time to do it!  Penalties will be applied directly to your account, you can view them in your HMRC online account. HMRC matches your RTI report with your payment, and at the end of the year will add up how many late payments you made and charge you penalties.  From April 2015, they will be charging you quarterly!

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