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BBC Stars | Employed or Self-Employed?

BBC staff paid as freelancers are being targeted to be taken on the payroll. This means the BBC will have to pay them holiday pay/statutory sick/maternity/paternity/adoption pay, pension contributions, and pay employers Class 1 NIC’s. The BBC argue this has to be cost-neutral to them, so the freelancers have been offered either a 25% pay cut with staff benefits such as the BBC’s pension, or a 13% pay cut with only minimum conditions. The BBC were criticised for paying some 804 staff through Personal Service Companies (PSC) which can be used as a legal way of reducing tax liabilities. If…


How to get Valentines Day off? Go on strike!

Senior staff at HMRC are on strike today. Their beef is over the introduction of a new employee appraisal system which must find 10% of employees to be underperforming. It sounds like the rank-and-yank system, aka 20-70-10 system, where the top 20% of the workforce are high-flyers, 70% work adequately and 10% are underperformers. Over time you get rid (yank) of the 10% to raise standards, but it’s recommended it is only used for 3 years, otherwise the 70% become the 10%! The problem is it can be a bit subjective, open to personal opinion and discrimination. Employees may work…


Pension Auto-Enrolment (AE) – Do you know when your Staging Date is?

Check your staging date here, you will need your Paye Reference. Failure to comply with legislation attracts heavy financial penalties (fixed penalty of £400, plus daily penalties of £50-£10,000 depending on the number of staff you have, plus civil penalties for failure to pay contributions due of upto £5,000 for individuals and £50,000 for organisations). So once you know your staging date we recommend you start planning 12months in advance!

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