RTI (Real Time Information)

Last year, HMRC introduced Real Time Information (RTI) meaning those employers who do not outsource their payroll needed payroll software to report payroll information to HMRC in Real Time.

HMRC provides free basic payroll software for employers with nine or fewer employees, but let’s face it, after a hard days work what entrepreneur wants to calculate the payroll when a small fee to a Payroll Bureau gets the job done more effectively and with no headaches to you?

With a genuine desire to alleviate pressure on their clients, Kent Payroll Bureau Ltd brings a wealth of experience to your company so you don’t need to take on another task yourself. It also means that you don’t need to employ or train payroll staff or purchase payroll software, or worry about the latest legislation as Kent Payroll Bureau keeps you compliant.

The key to choosing a payroll bureau is making sure they are qualified and hold a Licence to Practice with an Institute such as the CIPP, AAT or ICB.


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