Fees & Faq’s

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There is no setup fee for transferring your payroll to us.

Payroll & Pension Processing (per pay run, and y/e)

1 employee £50
2-5 employees £60
6-10 employees £120
11-15 employees £180
16-20 employees £240
21-25 employees £300


Payroll Processing Only (per pay run, and y/e)

1 employee £25
2-5 employees £30
6-10 employees £60
11-15 employees £90
16-20 employees £120
21-25 employees £150
Pension Services Include;
Assessing Employees
Adding/Removing to Payroll any Joiners/Opt in/Opt out (inc processing refunds)
Adding/Removing to Pension any Joiners/Opt in/Opt out (inc processing refunds)
Processing Pension
Producing/Uploading Pension Contribution Schedule to your Pension Provider
3-Yearly Auto Re-Enrolment & Re-Declaration to The Pension Regulator

Payroll Services Include;
Processing Payroll, including payslips by email
Processing additional Starters / Leavers
Processing CSA / Attachment / Salary Sacrifice Schemes / P46 (Car)
Setting up SMP / SPP / SAP / ShPP
Full Payment Submission (FPS) to HRMC
Employer Payment Submission (EPS) to HMRC (where required)
Note: Monthly EPS for Cis attracts a fee of £15 per submission
Annual P60’s for Staff (charged as a pay run)
End of Year Declaration Submission to HMRC
P11D Expenses & Benefits to be completed by your accountant (unless otherwise agreed)

There are additional fees if you do not yet have a Pension Scheme;

Registering you with The Pension Regulator, Nominating Contacts, Assessing Staff & Working out Costs, Submitting Declaration of Compliance.  Setting up Pension Scheme, Enrolling Staff, Auto Enrolment Letters to Staff £295

Contractors Cis Return (for Cis deducted from subcontractors)

1 subcontractor £25
2-5 subcontractors £30
6-10 subcontractors £60
11-15 subcontractors £90
16-20 subcontractors £120
21-25 subcontractors £150

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Is there a setup fee?
No, no setup charge.  No tie-ins.  No hidden costs.
How long does it take to setup?
Give us a call now on 0333 320 7032 and let’s get started, we could have your employees payslips in your inbox, ready for you to print, by the end of the day!
Do I have to send my employees hours at the same time every week?
No, if you are emailing or texting your staff hours you can send them at any time of the day or night. We will agree a deadline, just in case you forget, at which point we will call you, and email you, text you and nag you! We will not go home until your staff are paid!.
What about Auto Enrolement?
We can help you with all aspects of Auto Enrolment, please see our Auto Enrolment Page.
Is there a minimum term?
No, but we ask that you to stay with us for a minimum of 3 months, because we do not charge a setup fee, but setup can be quite a lengthy and costly process.
Can I telephone my employee hours through?
Yes!  We tailor our service to suit you, so you can telephone your hours, text them or email them, all at a time that suits you.
Why should I choose Kent Payroll Bureau to do my payroll?
Because we’re good at it, and we won’t let you down. We are real people on the other end of the phone, you can chat to us about any payroll issues, and we’ll try to help you find resolutions.

All Fees are exclusive of Vat at the prevailing rate


Call Kent Payroll Bureau on 0333 320 7032

or Email payroll@kentpayrollbureau.co.uk