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Why does the UK Tax Year start on 6th April?

New Years Day and the start of the Tax Year used to be on the 25th March.  But in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII ordered a change from the Julian 11-Month Calendar (named after Julius Caesar), to the Gregorian 12-Month Calendar (named after Pope Gregory), to align with the Solar Calendar (time taken for the earth to travel around the sun). Except the UK decided to ignore the Pope’s decree for some 170 years.  When they finally realised they would have to do it, they had to drop 11 days from the calendar.  So Sept 2nd 1972 was immediately followed by…


HMRC Basic Paye Tools for Employers doing their own Payroll

The software is downloaded onto your computer and helps you run the payroll for upto 9 employees, and report in real time to HMRC.  Find it here; payroll-system.htm The 100 page Employer Payroll Guide 2015 is also available to help you here; For those of you who don’t want to do it yourself, just give us a call on 0333 320 7032 and we’ll do it for you, while you get on with doing what you’re good at… earning the money!

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