So you think you're a payroll expert – how many acronyms do you know?

ACAS – Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
AE – Auto Enrolment
AML – Additional Maternity Leave
ASP – Additional State Pension
ASPP – Additional Statutory Paternity Pay
AWE – Average Weekly Earnings
BIK – Benefit in Kind
CASC – Community Amateur Sports Club
CDC – Collective Defined Contibution [Pension Scheme]
CIPP – Chartered Instituteof Payroll Professionals
DPA – Data Protection ~Act
DA – Defined Ambition [Pension Scheme]
DB – Defined Benefiy [Pension Scheme]
DC – Defined Controbition [Pension Scheme]
DEA – Direct Earnings Attachement
DWP – Department for Work & Pensions
EA – Employment Allowance
EPS – Employer Payment Summary
ESA – Employment Support Allowance
ESI – Employment Status Indicator
EWC – Expected Week of Confinement
FoI – Freedom of Information Act
FPS – Full Payment Submission
GP’s – General Practitioners
GNS  – Generic Notification system
HMRC – Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
HWS – Health & Work Service
KIT Days – Keeping Touch Days
LEL – Lower Earning Limit
LET – Lower Earnings Threshold
LPV – [Online] Liabilities and Payment Viewer
MA – Maternity Allowance
MAP – Maternity Allowance Period
MPP – Maternity Pay Period
NIC’s – National Insurance Contributions
NMW – National Minimum Wage
OLS – OnLine Services
OMP – Ordinary Maternity Leave
OSP – Occupational Sick Pay
OSPP – Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay
PAYE – Paye As You Earn
PDV – Paye Desktop Viewer
PIW – Period of Incapacity for Work
PILON – Payment In Lieu of Notice
PL – Parental Leave
PPF – Pension Protection Fund
PRP – Paye Reference Period
PSA – Paye Settlement Agreement
PSC – Personal Service Companies
PTS – Percentage Threshold Scheme
RTI – Real Time Information
QD’s – Qualifying Days
QW – Qualifying Week
S2P – State Second Pension
SAP – Statutory Adoption Pay
SER – Small Employers Relief
ShPP/SPL – Shard Parental Pay and Parental Leave
SML – Statutory Maternity Leave
SMP – Statutory Maternity Pay
SPA – State Pension Age
SPLIT Days – Shared Parental Leave in Touch Days
SPP – Statutory Paternity Pay
SSP – Statutory Sick Pay
UST – Upper Secondary Threshold
TPR – The Pension Regulator
TUPE – Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006
WD’s – Waiting Days


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